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a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle

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You will need to access the DVLA's Share Driving Licence service for this.
The notification said that a sub- rule would be inserted in the existing rules so that the driving licence issued for an e- rickshaw will not be valid for more than three years or till the validity of the driving license, whichever is earlier.
A TEESSIDE MP is calling for tougher action over websites selling illegal driving licences.
A Traffic Culture Directorate spokesman said: "You have to apply for a Bahraini driving licence, take driving lessons and pass the driving test to be able to drive in Bahrain.
Oberthur Technologies' driving licence cards incorporate all the physical security components specified by ISO-18013 standard, notably very high security fiduciary printing.
As soon as the law is proclaimed, it will be an offence if a driving licence holder does not have both the driving licence and its counterpart in possession.
It is pointed out that this directive is essential as it guarantees the mutual recognition of driving licences within the EU, including the new driving licence categories.
Traveller Danny Sweeney had a problem when he was asked to show police his driving licence - they found he shares it with 49 other people.
Secondly, in case, the holder of a valid driver's licence leaves the country and comes back on a visit visa, after five years or so and would like to renew his driving licence, can he do it without a CPR and residence permit?
THE DVLA is issuing a warning to motorists to check their driving licence is up to date if they are planning to hire a car on holiday.
Plans for a single European driving licence were unveiled yesterday -replacing more than 80 different types currently in use in the 15 EU member states.
It wants the UK to fall in line with European countries which have on-the-spot fines for drivers who fail to show a driving licence immediately on request.
Outside Europe the program is called the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL).
In the new scheme, he said, the government introduced many features in the proposed driving licence card particularly to check forgery.
ON June 8 the DVLA will abolish the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence.