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a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application

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Peter Bilz Named New Head of Driveshaft Development
The MTS 4100 includes a handheld unit with a 22-key keypad and an LCD display, two accelerometers for measuring vibrations, a cable to connect directly to the vehicle, and a phototachometer to measure the rotational rate of the vehicle's driveshaft and to assist with the driveshaft balancing procedure (patent pending).
GKN Driveline's existing 50 percent owned driveshaft operations, based in Shanghai and Jilin, will remain independent of GDC and will supply components to GDC to maximise synergies across the three operations.
CVJ driveshafts are fitted to 85 per cent of all cars and light
Their state of the art remanufacturing facility accommodates all driveshaft types and their manufacturing experts are well-versed in repairs and rebuilds of all types of driveshafts & CV axles.
GKN plc of the UK today announces the acquisition of Rockford Powertrain of the US, a producer of high speed driveshafts focused on the construction and mining equipment sector.
TMC Transportation has a successful, longstanding history with Dana products, having continually purchased PACCAR trucks with Spicer drive axles, steer axles, driveshafts, and steering shafts, as well as Bendix[sup.
Car and light-truck drivelines are typically equipped with anywhere from two to six driveshafts that include several CVJs per shaft.
ATH manufactures CVJs and driveshafts for front wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles.
Eaton's transmission business was not affected by the transaction, and Dana will continue to market a complete line of medium duty axle and brake products, as well as medium- and heavy-duty driveshafts worldwide.
MAUMEE, Ohio, July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today that it has been named the standard and exclusive supplier of steer axles, drive axles, and driveshafts on the new International TerraStar 4x4 medium-duty truck.
Driveshafts equipped with the new technology will be manufactured at GKN Driveline facilities around the world.
It said the facility produced nearly all the driveshafts for almost all of Nissan's domestic car production in Japan.
Rockwell components include axles -- steer, drive and trailer; brakes -- cam, wedge and air disc; automatic slack adjusters; clutches; transmissions; driveshafts and universal joints; anti-lock braking systems and air dryers; transfer cases; on-board computer and satellite communications systems; and aftermarket parts.
GWB driveshafts are used in shredding equipment with motors ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 horsepower, and each one is custom-made by following a rigorous specification process that ensures a precise fit and long life.