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Then she would pounce upon me with a lot of that drivelling poodle palaver and kiss me on the nose--but what could I do?
the yearling heifer, that them skulking devils the Tetons stole, was the biggest coward among us all, and after her came your drivelling Doctor.
While Nickits (as a man came into my office, and told me yesterday), Nickits, who used to act in Latin, in the Westminster School plays, with the chief- justices and nobility of this country applauding him till they were black in the face, is drivelling at this minute - drivelling, sir
Thanks to the news of the obnoxious, drivelling one's forthcoming acting role in BBC1's Hotel Babylon, I now understand the value of a widescreen telly, volume controls and the off button.
It's bad enough that she dumps her husband and within weeks is drivelling on about her love for another man.