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WILL the controllers of all we watch on TV please bring back their usual diet of drivel to replace the endless 'Oh gosh what terrible weather we're having, look at all this snow' nonsense?
However, the stick being handed out to Rafa Benitez is all media-driven drivel.
It is time do-gooders stopped pedalling pointless drivel and accepted that as long as there are terrorists and aggressors, then war will be necessary.
But in private comments, also sent to Mr Swann, the Chief said: "Malcolm is a very long serving union official and activist who retired a while ago and this sort of outpouring of drivel is pretty typical stuff.
He said: "Seeing these comments from AC, if I were him I'd drop this drivel and start thanking his team.
It's quite interesting to hear the assembly has the time to sit and listen to such drivel, especially at their rate of salary.
This site offers a bit of nonsense to break up a demanding day at the office, and is full of witty banter, mindless drivel, hilarious short stories and adult versions of classic fairytales.
Now we're left with uninformed, D-list celeb-driven drivel from a bunch of women who think they're fabulous.
Livingstone, who might hate cars but doesn't mind chalking up thousands of pounds in taxi bills on his expenses, claims he's doing it to protect the environment from these gas guzzlers which, of course, is drivel.
Last year, ``Ray'' won its star, Jamie Foxx, an Oscar that was as deserved as the rest of the film was predigested drivel.
Now we feel confident we can add our irrelevant drivel to our listeners' email boxes with no trouble at all.
They will also be here when all this chatterbox drivel is well forgotten.
Certainly voters are not well informed by the poll-tested drivel that typically emerges from incumbent advertising campaigns.
You'll hot receive one thin dime for your efforts but you'll help stop the onslaught of drivel we face daily.
Childhood has already been tragically shortened by media that bombard our kids with prurient drivel from the very dawning of their consciousness, imposing a randy itch into their psyches before puberty even equips them to relieve it.