drive-by shooting

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shooting someone from a car as it is driven past the victim

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The latest of these attacks involving a drive-by shooting occurred in mid-April, when a police corporal was killed at a Qaliubeya Fire Department.
Sheikh Ibrahim Ismail was viewed as the successor to Aboud Rogo Mohammed, a controversial preacher accused of links to Somalia's Shebab insurgents, who was himself assassinated in a drive-by shooting in August 2012.
Rusty Haynes said "leads were pretty slim" in the elephant drive-by shooting, although an arena security guard was able to jot down some information for police.
Hours after the attempted drive-by shooting, Sotelo- Rodriguez and others returned to the Trainsong Park area and confronted a man whom they had wrongly suspected of being a West Side Piru member, police said.
Separate drive-by shootings in towns in thecentral province of Diyala killed two civilians, police Major Firaz al-Dulaimi said.
The Globe and Mail quoted police as saying that around 10 shots were fired at Gill's house in a drive-by shooting.
This drive-by shooting has horrified the decent and lawabiding residents of the area and once again highlights the immediate and urgent need to tackle the frightening growth of gun crime in our communities.
the scene of the drive-by shooting in Ash Road, Wednesbury.
And in Baghdad, two car bombs, three roadside bombs and four drive-by shootings left 15 dead and 29 wounded.
A spokeswoman for West Midlands Ambulance said: 'It looks like it was a drive-by shooting.
Despite rapper Tupac Shakur's 1996 death in a drive-by shooting, his latest album, Until the End of Time, debuted at No.
Jemale, injured this summer during a drive-by shooting, is confined to a wheelchair and is being treated at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan in Detroit.
PacketCluster Patrol has already helped departments in the consortium recover more than 20 stolen vehicles over the past three months and led to the arrest of two drive-by shooting suspects.
A policeman was killed and another injured in a drive-by shooting in Mohandesin on Saturday morning, according to a ministry of interior spokesperson.
A drive-by shooting committed early Monday morning that injured 11 people in Washington, D.