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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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Departmental allocation: Logical partitions by department allows different departments to use tape drive types and media that best suit their applications, as well as using their optimal backup software.
The 300 GB 15K drives for the HP ProLiant DL380 server allow users to take advantage of the fastest SCSI drive type to build a high-performance storage cluster for database and email environments.
The LXI device allows access to any drive type in a Spectra product, which can include AIT, LTO, SDLT, SAIT or RXT SabreDisk.
10) drive type optimizer storage system ( 3 bay) item sl.
With an install base of well over 3 million, the StorCase Data Express removable drive products, with their unmatched insertion ratings and seven year warranties, continue to fulfill our customers' requests for rugged enclosures that provide the 'Safest Place for Your Data' -- regardless of the drive type installed," he added.
E[acute accent]--Automatically categorize storage tiers based on disk drive type, RAID level, and rotational speed
Tenders are invited for Providing of Drive Type Twin Bay Compactor/Optimiser file storage System:
PriceGrabber enables car buyers to find the car of their choice by first identifying make, model, year and other features that are important to the buyer such as, price range, drive type, engine size, horse power and mileage.
It simultaneously erases multiple units of any disk drive type supported by UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows (including ATA, SCSI, FC and iSCSI), offering an automated and cost-effective alternative to destroying valuable equipment.
Those storage service levels include determining which drive type (SSD, Fibre Channel or SATA) to write the data.
So it will provide significant flexibility for your readers, integrators and users to design and develop a common backplane that can be proliferated across different applications with the ability to chose drive type based upon application and use it on that common backplane.
KGL4186KD enables all the customers to take a dual drive type MZ modulator or single-ended (low voltage) drive type MZ modulator, which are based on LiNbO3 (Lithium niobate) or InP (indium phosphide), into their design for 10Gbps transceivers of a small form factor with high performance and low power consumption.
Contract notice: Supply through the purchase of leasing unused terrain vehicles with 4-door, 5 seats, drive type "4 x 4" open cargo compartment, with the possibility of obtaining a tax credit for the needs of "severnotsentralno state enterprise" dp.
M And C/Rp/172/92 With A Special Condition That Material Specification For Worm Drive Type Hose Clamp Should Be Is-4762-2002 Instead Of Is-4762-1968 As Mentioned In S.