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We went back to the car and just as we were getting ready to drive off, out the corner of my eye, I can see a car drive off into the river," Johnson said, in an interview with WLOX news in Biloxi.
Safeway has introduced an intelligent camera at its petrol station in Milton Keynes to thwart offenders who drive off without paying.
But management soon found that the result was a rising tide of freeloaders who would fill up and drive off.
For the drive or the flight phase to be efficient, the athlete should not turn the left leg past ten o'clock so that he can drive off it.
They drop everything to move in on a fresh kill and drive off feeding predators.
The third car is a blue Fiat Stilo which was involved in a highvalue drive off at BP Reliance on June 8 and is also connected to similar high drive-offs in other parts of the country.
PC Keith Tierney drive off co-ordinator for Merseyside police, said: "We are dedicated to tackling forecourt crime.
A GARAGE has declared war on motorists who drive off without paying for fuel.