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The man ordered the woman out of the car but she also managed to drive off.
Lizzy then saw the car which hit her drive off, leaving her dazed and confused in the road.
WARWICKSHIRE police are targeting motorists who drive off without paying for fuel at petrol stations using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).
Fire crews had been dealing with a flooded house in Pontypool on Saturday when a woman got into the cab and tried to drive off.
The Aussie star claimed he didn't know about the UK ban on using phones while driving - and after a 30-minute talking-to by cops, he was allowed to drive off.
We don't know exactly what happened or how he managed to drive off the cliff but it was an accident rather than a suicide attempt.
PALMDALE - A 21-year-old Lancaster woman was kidnapped by a masked gunman, who she said followed her car on a Palmdale street and forced it off the road before getting in with her and ordering her to drive off, deputies said.
We went back to the car and just as we were getting ready to drive off, out the corner of my eye, I can see a car drive off into the river," Johnson said, in an interview with WLOX news in Biloxi.