drive home

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Synonyms for drive home

carry out or perform


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make clear by special emphasis and try to convince somebody of something

References in classic literature ?
He thought nothing of it, but when he went out to get into his trap and drive home, he saw her again, standing a little way off; she looked at him with a woebegone air, and tears streamed down her cheeks.
The drive home restored him somewhat, but he wee still full of his surprise when he rejoined Agatha, his wife, and Erskine in the drawing-room at the Beeches.
So I stood there, wait-ing to be run down and crushed by those gigantic feet, but determined to drive home my weapon in the broad breast before I fell.
Elton to have her carriage first, were gladly endured, in the prospect of the quiet drive home which was to close the very questionable enjoyments of this day of pleasure.
Rise, warriors of Torquas, and drive home your swords within the hearts of Torquas' ancient enemies
Take this hansom, drive home, have some breakfast, and get an hour's sleep.
Those who saw them often asked how it was that a woman could keep her husband in good clothes, wear a Leghorn bonnet with flowers, embroidered muslin dresses, silk mantles, prunella boots, handsome fichus, a Chinese parasol, and drive home in a hackney-coach, and yet be virtuous; while Madame Colleville and other "ladies" of her kind could scarcely make ends meet, though they had double Madame Minard's means.
One Sunday she came in fresh and ruddy from the drive home in the cold, crisp air.
But it does seem so nice to have little suppers and bouquets, and go to parties, and drive home, and read and rest, and not work.
Blanche took the box from the woman's hands, and joined Anne in the bedroom, to dress herself for the drive home.
Charles Leslie Scott was arrested Friday at his Jean Drive home on outstanding felony drug warrants and several other charges, officials said.
MOJAVE - A Cantil man was arrested on suspicion of trying to rape a woman, who told deputies she was able to get behind the wheel of his car and drive home - with her alleged assailant still in the vehicle.
The troupe is at its best when incorporating its well-honed commedia dell'arte physical skills to drive home the troupe's often piercing political and social indictments.
The team at Palmen Buick GMC Cadillac is excited to announce the sale prices available for car shoppers looking to drive home in a new or used vehicle in November of 2015.
Alex Fitzgerald, defending, said that in deciding to drive home, Faulkner had made "a catastrophic decision.