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I can understand people drinking to drown care or to drive away maddening thoughts well enough.
I know it's not the truth, but I can't drive away such thoughts.
During morning peak hours people park their car on the unpaved area on the Sharjah side and walk across to be picked up by other drivers or drive away in their own car parked on the other side.
The second annual Drive Away Hunger campaign, which aimed to collect food for local food banks in communities across the United States, collected more than 33,000 pounds of food and AutoTrader Group donated more than $67,000.
the island, see parades, Stay just a drive away in Cal has a private pool and spacious gardens, a stone-built barbecue nights from September 21 for PS993 (PS166 per person).
To the motorists who simply drove away today - remember, statistically you could very well be involved in an accident and I hope for your sake that those who see it don't simply drive away because they can't be bothered or getting to work on time is more important.
Until October 31, the Buick GMC dealership in Ashland is a designated drop-off location for the 2012 Drive Away Hunger campaign, helping FeedMore and the Central Virginia Food Bank.
Even with a flat battery, you can drive away in as little as 5 minutes with Charge & Start
But we also have to be careful as a country we don't drive away the wealth creators and the businesses that are going to lead our economic recovery.
According to the opinion survey by the AFIS agency, 54% would drive away drug addicts from the country if they could, 45% would ban HIV-positive people, 43% would banish the mentally ill.
said the motorcycle-mounted muggers were seized after one of them fired gunshots into the air, as they tried to drive away.
Talpur said it was time for investigators to find out what made those in the vehicle drive away the backup car, The Daily Times reports.
Despite the 55-year-old's injuries he tried to drive away from his attackers but crashed a short distance away.
She seemed to drive away faster and I watched as she went on to the roundabout and past the McDonald's restaurant.
According to Bogan's attorney, Bogan told investigators the boy was injured when he fell out of his car seat and hit his chest on the door frame of a sport utility vehicle as Bogan was getting ready to drive away from a friend's home.