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Synonyms for drive

Synonyms for drive

to force to move or advance with or as if with blows or pressure

to urge to move along


to move or advance against strong resistance

to run and control (a motor vehicle)

to set or keep going

to force to work


to exert one's mental or physical powers, usually under difficulty and to the point of exhaustion

to cause to penetrate with force

to fix (an idea, for example) in someone's mind by reemphasis and repetition

to look for and pursue (game) in order to capture or kill it

a trip in a motor vehicle

an organized effort to accomplish a purpose

an aggressive readiness along with energy to undertake taxing efforts

Synonyms for drive

the act of applying force to propel something

a mechanism by which force or power is transmitted in a machine

a road leading up to a private house

hitting a golf ball off of a tee with a driver

the act of driving a herd of animals overland

a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile)

a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire

a wide scenic road planted with trees


Related Words

(sports) a hard straight return (as in tennis or squash)

operate or control a vehicle

travel or be transported in a vehicle

force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically

to compel or force or urge relentlessly or exert coercive pressure on, or motivate strongly

cause to move back by force or influence

compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment

Related Words

push, propel, or press with force

Related Words

cause to move rapidly by striking or throwing with force

strive and make an effort to reach a goal

move into a desired direction of discourse


Related Words

have certain properties when driven


Related Words

work as a driver

Related Words

move by being propelled by a force

urge forward

Related Words

strike with a driver, as in teeing off

hit very hard, as by swinging a bat horizontally

excavate horizontally

cause to function by supplying the force or power for or by controlling

Related Words

hunting: search for game

hunting: chase from cover into more open ground

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5-inch hard drive business in January 1991 and maintained the number one share position until selling the business to Hitachi in 2003; Hitachi has since defended this leadership share position
Further, the ISA bus interface is only 16-bit, while the CPU is 32-bit, so that video and hard drive speeds are bottlenecked.
com/reports/c49222) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: World Low Voltage Drives Market to their offering.
A unique technology called Predictive Data Migration (PDM) can dramatically reduce the impact of SATA drive failures.
Students can use the drive to transfer files from school libraries to their home PC.
The external connectivity option available with SATA II creates the possibility for a very portable and highly robust external tape drive, much like USB.
is a command protocol that allows multiple commands to be outstanding within a drive at the same time.
The company has now made a 40-hp brushless d-c drive standard on its 2 1/2-in.
In addition to consolidation among scrap yards, a second issue working against DC shredder drives has been misunderstandings related to drive maintenance.
Library manufacturers will be coming out with new products in the next year that will no longer require a SCSI connection to control the robot, but each tape drive will still require a dedicated Fibre Channel link to the SAN.
This research service titled Western European Electric Drives Market Forecasts provides forecasts for the total electric drives market in western Europe and a comprehensive analysis of the market by major end-user sectors, geographic region and product type.
Naturally, most IT providers recognize SFF SAS hard drive technology as the next step in meeting the performance and storage requirements for data hungry companies.
Users can easily plug a Maxtor SATA drive directly into a VT8237-enabled motherboard for single, SATA hard drive performance, or install two drives for a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration for a significant performance improvement or added data protection.
For this reason, R&S accepted a proposal from Hagglunds Drives to switch to an electrohydraulic drive system.
Therefore, we can conclude that the industry's intense cost pressures, drive toward common component sets and architectures, and need to produce as many variations from these common pieces puts the path followed by Honda/Acura, VW/Audi and Ford in the driver's seat, right?