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Synonyms for dripstone

the form of calcium carbonate found in stalactites and stalagmites

a protective drip that is made of stone

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Dripstones are formed the action of that contains dissolved rock.
Several tours are available, including the Crystal Palace Tour and the Dripstone Trail Tour.
There are terraced and semi-detached styles, some in local stone, others faced with render, traditional dripstones and cills, canopied porches and a range of window designs.
Take one look at the exterior to spot the traditional mullioned, multi-paned windows, complete with dripstones.
Quality features include stone mullion windows under moulded dripstones, old timbering and fireplaces.
There is some formal 'Georgian' with the central front door and neat sash arrangement, and the rear offshoot, looking older with its dripstones, mullions and mouldings, even some tiny, though practical windows under the roof for more effect.
It keeps its handsome 19th century looks with some fine brickwork detailing and stone mullioned windows with dripstones.
The gabled look and the adherence to the vernacular style is impressive, classic Cotswold features also including the dripstones and leaded lights.