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a liquid (as water) that flows in drops (as from the eaves of house)


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In all food plants, condensation off any part of the building or pipes is a no-no because of potential contamination from drippage onto product," says Roland "Lefty" Leavens, vice president of food processing systems for Food Facility Engineering (www.
This oil was specifically developed with FMC for use in finishing plants and E-Coat Dip Process to reduce or eliminate 'crazing' which results from oil drippage.
A final -91 kPa vacuum was applied for 15 minutes to minimize drippage.
contaminated cooling or cleaning waters, aerosols, dust, splash, drippage, back-siphonage), but typically these are minor sources compared with raw incoming foods and the bare hands of workers.
Approximately 75%-80% of Type I ADF applied under winter storm conditions is deposited on ramp pavement, either through over spray or drippage.
The coating will be slow in drying and will have excess drippage after application.
Leak-free engines (minor drippage is not acceptable to Japanese OEMs)
The drip pad is a concrete pad constructed at the exit from the retort to capture drippage from logs as they leave the retort before being transported to storage areas.