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the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc

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I think Liverpool have been drip-feeding a lot of stuff out in the last couple of weeks.
Unite finds this drip-feeding of job cuts unacceptable and will be demanding a meeting with the management of the bank to challenge this approach.
Over a period of time, we say, out of greed she dishonestly claimed overtime payments by drip-feeding inflated and false claims for overtime into the system.
The whistle-blowing website has been drip-feeding us classified cables from US embassies for the past 10 days.
A crucial appeal against the European Union's controversial health claims regulations could put the kibosh on the current drip-feeding of judgments on claims that manufacturers make about their products.
The unions in this dispute are busy drip-feeding us stories of workers losing tens of thousands of pounds in pay - conveniently forgetting to mention that this is the removal of the fraudulent 'bonus' payments that Albert Bore and his party minions stitched up with the unions during their time in power.
Mills's problem has always been that she's terminally addicted to the limelight, and to keep herself bathed in that limelight she'll spend the next 10 years drip-feeding us tantalising titbits about life with the old man.
The news that there is to be a jury inquest into the death of the late Diana Princess of Wales fills me with dismay because I have little doubt that yet again this will lead to certain sections of the media drip-feeding us more tiresome and often fictitious tales of this narcissistic woman.