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the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc

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There are serious financial problems at Elland Road so a drip-feed payment with no guarantees that it would all be paid was not a good option for them.
It's a drip-feed process that develops the winning habit.
That's about all we know but no doubt there'll be a drip-feed of more information.
He'd get a couple in then he'd let it go a little bit and then drip-feed players as the season goes on.
And if there is no steady drip-feed of further damaging allegations of infidelity, the Italian is prepared to give Terry his continued support irrespective of the public backlash it could cause.
The latest explanation is Neville has decided to drip-feed the important measures rather than risk too much excitement with a big bang approach.
But I wonder if you have noticed the steady drip-feed of news reports in that same free press that allege that the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib was, by comparison with the torture of prisoners in jails throughout the Middle East, mere aberrations that should be termed 'abuse' not torture.
An Individual Savings Account lets you invest a lump sum or drip-feed your cash in while saving tax on your returns.
15 hours in a dark room, eyes closed with our arms attached to a drip-feed.
There are only about 20 episodes left and they drip-feed it so the public don't go spare and say 'where has High Road gone?
He was fit to start, but the plan is to drip-feed him back in.
That morning at about 10am I was waiting at themain entrance formy wife to collect me when a tall young guy in a light blue uniform wheeling a drip-feed and with a fag in his hand asked: "Have you got a light please?
He added: "We will be looking to drip-feed a few 16-year-olds into the squad to guarantee continuity and retain their interest.
Mr Dunn was sent to the emergency care service and was put on a drip-feed of powerful antibiotics.
In order to generate interest, the drip-feed of teaser pictures and snippets of information has begun.