drinking vessel

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a vessel intended for drinking

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com believe stainless steel water bottles are the safest and best choice for a drinking vessel, both for your health and the environment," the company declares in a news release touting the new bottles.
73 metres at its widest point the massive drinking vessel was unveiled during the opening ceremony of Limassol's annual wine festival.
On his board, Aaron linked the shape of the drinking vessel - a hollowed-out gourd with a long stem - to the shape of the Big Dipper constellation that was used for slaves to navigate.
Bear with a traditional Scottish quaich, or drinking vessel, which he has given to St.
Men fit into one of four distinct categories - based on the drinking vessel they favour - the survey of 2000 males for Famous Grouse Whisky revealed.
And even though the tankard was obviously painted quickly, it is clear that the artist knew exactly how that cylindrical drinking vessel would reflect light and how its circular shape would appear distorted.
However, bacterial contamination is much more likely to occur in the drinking vessel, so keeping water troughs clean is a must.
The third and last section examines the horn as symbol of sovereignty and is concerned with the horn as musical instrument and drinking vessel, with an extension to all kinds of vessels.
She possessed a drinking vessel emblazoned with a golden Neptune on a horse, but this may have been a wedding gift from a Renaissance prince, commissioned in the style of the day, without any special attraction for her.
The trophy is a Scottish quaiche, a traditional celebratory drinking vessel, reflecting Aberdeen's birthplace, Scotland.
The ceremonial drinking vessel from the 7th Century BC, cast in the shape of a winged griffin, has been sitting in a warehouse in New York for years.
com GET set for office productivity to plummet with this new drinking vessel.
The funeral rite for the potential prehistoric royal may have involved her family arranging her body so that, in death, she clasped a 25 centimetre tall ceramic beaker that was decorated with geometric patterns pottery drinking vessel in her hands.
Bulky, clunky and ultra sturdy Stein glasses are everyone's favorite drinking vessel.
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