drinking straw

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a thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth


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So this isn't your grandma's drinking straw, this is actually a custom engineered product with all FDA approved materials.
uk You will need: * scraps of wallpaper, magazine pictures, used wrapping paper, coloured paper, junk mail * pencil, ruler, and scissors * paste * drinking straws * thread or yarn 1.
Then Ms Miller cleared Alfie's lungs with a drinking straw before carrying out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage for half-an-hour as the pilot diverted for an emergency landing at London Gatwick.
Each leaf-cutting bee in the lab lives in a paper drinking straw stuck in one of many holes in a plastic block.
Sipahh straws flavor milk by utilizing a patented drinking system--Unistraw--that works by placing small "Unibeads" into a drinking straw, which release flavor as the milk is sipped up through them.
To measure the length of its tongue, Muchhala encouraged the bat to drink sugar water through a drinking straw.
To make a pattern in the water, gently swirl the paint with the drinking straw.
And why bubbles are round Impale a potato with a drinking straw, or stick two books together and witness the mysterious force of friction.
If you stacked twenty-six spools of thread and pushed a long drinking straw down through them to the floor, you'd have built something a lot like your backbone, or spine.
A butterfly probes the blossoms with its tubular tongue, or proboscis, much like we would use a drinking straw.
Mud-tubes, the size of a drinking straw, found along a wall or a 2-by-4, inside or outside of the house.
Dancers who require surgery usually have it performed with an arthroscope, which is an instrument about the size of a drinking straw that can remove bone fragments and trim the meniscus.
They are a particularly nasty variety of blood-sucking eel that use two teeth to attach to a victim like a drinking straw.
You need: a small glass jar, petroleum jelly, a balloon, a rubber band, tape, a drinking straw, poster board, markers
A catheter is a flexible, hollow tube that looks like a very skinny plastic drinking straw.