drinking straw

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a thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth


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Cherrys Abrigo and PJ Santos say the bamboo 'IP-ipan,' made by a Dumagat community in Tanay, Rizal province, is an environment-friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws.
So this isn't your grandma's drinking straw, this is actually a custom engineered product with all FDA approved materials.
2 navel oranges, washed and dried * Sharp knife (for adult use only) * Small bowl * Blender (for adult use only) * Permanent black marker * 1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango, cut into chunks * 1/2 cup low-fat orange-or lemon-flavored yogurt * 1/2 teaspoon vanilla * 1 drinking straw, cut in half
A braided copper wire also carries body heat around the drinking straw, which drains of fluid when not in use.
The pitch is slightly wider than a drinking straw, and the crowd so close you can smell last night's beer.
To make a pattern in the water, gently swirl the paint with the drinking straw.
Ms Miller, who used a drinking straw to inflate Alfie's lungs, was presented with a Special Recognition award at last night's Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards.
Each leaf-cutting bee in the lab lives in a paper drinking straw stuck in one of many holes in a plastic block.
Sipahh straws flavor milk by utilizing a patented drinking system--Unistraw--that works by placing small "Unibeads" into a drinking straw, which release flavor as the milk is sipped up through them.
To measure the length of its tongue, Muchhala encouraged the bat to drink sugar water through a drinking straw.
The straws flavor milk by using a patented drinking system, which works by placing small unibeads into a drinking straw that then release flavor as the milk is sipped through them.
And why bubbles are round Impale a potato with a drinking straw, or stick two books together and witness the mysterious force of friction.
If you stacked twenty-six spools of thread and pushed a long drinking straw down through them to the floor, you'd have built something a lot like your backbone, or spine.
A butterfly probes the blossoms with its tubular tongue, or proboscis, much like we would use a drinking straw.