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a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water

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In 2014, the Architects Journal in the UK launched a competition to design a new generation of public drinking fountains, aimed at combating rising production of plastic water bottles.
Lovebird, head and tail, chicken, spell and pray, silver and a variety of influences, combining them with simple figures, the modern world has created drinking fountain school.
Woodlake parents got samples tested from one drinking fountain and found lead levels at 110 parts per billion gallons -- nearly eight times higher than the U.
The center said the activated carbon adsorption equipment attached to the drinking fountain may have absorbed residual chlorine for sterilization in water, thus causing the bacteria to multiply.
The Victorian drinking fountain in Earlsdon (above) and (inset) Peter Walters
normal drinking fountain, ADA compliant fountain, lockable hose bib, and a pet fountain all within a single
Further elements include 15 new cycle stands, high quality bins and floral planters, a granite surround for the listed drinking fountain, a pedestrian crossing and island crossing point.
A REPLICA of a drinking fountain that stood in a Midland park more than 125 years ago has been erected as part of pounds 6.
There have been few fundamental changes except for the drinking fountain in the foreground in the 1900s.
The cherub was the centrepiece of a drinking fountain outside Dornoch Cathedral in Sutherland.
Only Brougham Terrace and the neglected drinking fountain will survive.
Year 5 pupils from Our Lady Bishop Eton RC School, in Mossley Hill, with teacher Judith Lawrence and the drinking fountain on Woolton Road Picture: ROB LOVETT/ rl020708afountain-1
No, I remembered Louis because Peter Evans, of Fairwater, Cardiff, wrote asking 'if I can say something' about the last (to his knowledge) drinking fountain in Cardiff, on the corner of Llandaff Road and Romilly Crescent.
Each animal would have its own unit with food, drinking fountain, and waste collection.
Sara D Roosevelt, Phase II: this project will include the reconstruction of the park playground, including new play equipment, a spray shower, benches, drinking fountain and lighting.