drinking chocolate

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a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar

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Alongside delicious Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Dominic will be offering indulgently ingenious toppings for everyone to try including the classic Cadbury '99 flake, fluffy whipped cream, and even aromatic cinnamon sticks to really add to the festive feel.
Score: 4/5 Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate |(500g), PS2.
Now the Swansea-based company is launching Welsh Brew Decaffeinated Tea, Gold Tea, Luxury Drinking Chocolate, Ground Coffee for cafetiere or filter service and the Welsh Teabird range of loose-leaf fruit and herbal teas.
The men and women drinking chocolate milk after exercise improved their body composition, measured by the combination of increased lean muscle and decreased body fat, when compared to those drinking the carbohydrate beverage.
New Zealand avocado oil will be available for tasting, followed by European-style drinking chocolate from 3 p.
uk JUST CHOC TO IT Give your tastebuds a treat with a big mug of white drinking chocolate.
I ordered the Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon sauce ( ` 95) from the special winter menu ( printed black and white on an A4 sheet): it had industrial drinking chocolate with syrupy cinnamon sauce.
The `Grab, Gulp & Go Online' game merges popular pastimes like drinking chocolate milk and surfing the Web along with a shot at winning cool prizes," said Leslie.
Patricia Tabram, who delivered a letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair asking for cannabis to be legalised on medical grounds, tasted her drinking chocolate powder laced with the drug as policemen stood guard behind her.
Mars Extra Choc has 40% extra drinking chocolate to give consumers a more luxurious taste.
Combining a food shop with your restaurant seems to be the latest trend and Carluccio's is offering everything Italian, from home-made pasta, salami, cheeses and coffees in the delicatessen to bicerin - espresso coffee with drinking chocolate and cream - on the outside terrace.
Some moms think of chocolate milk as a "special treat" and don't realize drinking chocolate milk is one of the best ways for kids to get calcium and eight other essential nutrients in their daily diet.
29 [pounds sterling], helped by 25p off Cadbury's drinking chocolate at the Ivybridge store.
CONSUMER products group Unilever said yesterday it was close to selling its French dessert and drinking chocolate brands to a private equity group in France for an undisclosed sum.