drinking bout

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a long period of drinking

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The jury heard he could down 14-15 pints of lager during a drinking bout but never complained of being hungover.
Owen's younger brother, Manus (Aaron Pearson), has assumed temporary teaching duties at the Hedge School until his father, Hugh Mor O'Donnell (Richard Zuscak), dries out after a drinking bout.
The 28-year-old gave himself glasses of water, but served the teenager with alcohol during the February 2007 drinking bout.
Legend has it that in the midst of a drinking bout, airman RE.
Must-see-scenes: Hal as brilliantly portrayed by William Holden, who manages to capture the essence of the free and wild spirited man; Rosemary's hysterical blabbing after a drinking bout during the picnic dance, when she tears Hal's shirt after he rejects her as a lover, and the dreamy freight train finale.
A binge can be defined as a self-destructive and unrestrained drinking bout, lasting at least a couple of days, at least once in the preceding 2 weeks.
In fact, the court cases presented by Tlusty support the notion that one's honor, status, and manhood were always at stake in social drinking, especially when engaged in a drinking bout, when sharing a Weinkauf, or when drinking with or near social outcasts, such as executioners, beggars, etc.
275), as Shakespeare, ailing with the pox and depressed, consoled himself in a drinking bout with Jonson and Drayton that led to his death.
NAC helps restore an essential antioxidant called glutathione that's lost when the body is clearing out the toxic aftereffects of a drinking bout, he said.
Japanese starlet Tomoe Shinohara, accused by Taiwan media of raising a ruckus at a Taipei hotel Monday after a drinking bout, denied the allegations Tuesday on her return to Tokyo.
A FORMER champion ballroom dancer who choked to death after a drinking bout in Nuneaton had consumed a lethal amount of alcohol, an inquest at Nuneaton Town Hall heard.
After the official denunciation of Stalin in 1956, Fadeyev ended a long drinking bout by killing himself.
In the fateful Act 2 drinking bout with Cassio, he unleashes a campy alter ego, belting out chanties and tugging up his trouser leg with all the subtlety of a Mae West at a Camp LeJune mess hall.
Essential to the drinking bout were the ceremonial forms and the principle that one must not refuse a drink--rules that ensured that each participant had to consume the same quantities, not seldom to the point of unconsciousness.
His recitals of various rowdy episodes--for example, a drinking bout with Ethel Barrymore, one of "the champion lady boozers of Broadway," enliven the memoir.