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The two last drinkers, instead of looking out at this window, kept up the fire.
You have shown yourself no alcoholic, no dipsomaniac, but merely an habitual drinker, one who has made John Barleycorn's acquaintance through long years of rubbing shoulders with him.
There were fires and red curtains in the very eyes of the drinkers, in their buttons, in their liquor, in the pipes they smoked.
Hence in the company of other drinkers they try to justify themselves and even if possible obtain consideration.
After this, Legree became a harder drinker than ever before.
And so the mighty drinker was added to the company; and the ship flew farther, and even farther, till again the Simpleton looked out, and this time he saw a man dragging a bundle of wood, walking through the forest beneath them.
In fact, to speak in his own style, 'under a bad cloak there's often a good drinker.
But where is the drinker of elephant's blood--the red-eyed thorn?
The drinker of elephant's blood is Death himself--but still I do not understand
Pierre knew that Makar Alexeevich was Joseph Bazdeev's half-insane brother and a hard drinker.
The weasel was a drinker of blood, and it was ever her preference to drink from the throat of life itself.
Its virtue depends, they say, on the drinker filling it himself; so you must learn to milk.
We learn from them that he was vain and boastful, a loud talker and a deep drinker.
The megaphone man raised his instrument of torture; the inside of the great automobile began to thump and throb like the heart of a coffee drinker.
The soft sex to a man--he begged pardon, to a female--rallied round the young waterman, and turned with disgust from the drinker of spirits (cheers).