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With the season for Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Mint right around the corner, please pay extra attention to the lull cup drinkability of these products as they can easily become fatiguing.
Millions of cases of reasonably priced wines made from chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and notably shiraz are now the house wines of lots of American consumers, and a key reason for that is drinkability.
Each wine was chosen carefully based on drinkability and enjoyment and provenance is pristine; all bottles were properly stored in a temperature-controlled home cellar.
On the taps, its regular offerings include Kostritzer Schwarzbier, a dark lager that beautifully balances on the fine line between the smoky richness of a dark beer with the drinkability of a wheat beer.
Its characteristic softness and dangerous drinkability is down to the combination of the water, the pot stills, the unmalted barley and, finally, triple distillation.
The beer was dreamed up in 1909 by Lt Col Jim Porter during two years of development in which he sought to create a unique-tasting beer combining the full flavour of ale with easy drinkability.
He said: "Viru is unique, not only aesthetically, but in terms of drinkability.
Brewed since 1895 with local barley and hops, and adding sun ripened South African maize for drinkability.
Good enough (just) for coq au vin, maybe, but they don't get close to Gevrey-Chambertin, Puligny-Montrachet or, better still, Petrus in terms of drinkability (although even I can't afford this last one).
A new lager, invented by a Worcestershire brewer, and bottled in the heart of Birmingham is recommended almost as much for its culinary powers as its drinkability.
Newcastle Winter IPA stays true to the original, subtly hopped recipes of traditional 18th century India Pale Ales, maintaining the drinkability that Newcastle enthusiasts 21 and over have come to expect.
The beer is a nod to the drinkability of a Belgian pale ale, a trait I really love, but with our Colorado-grown hops and their lemony tartness, Belgorado gets extra layers of flavor without being overly bitter.
During the planned November 19, 2010 flight aboard Zero Gravity Corporation's specially modified aircraft, the Astronauts4Hire flight researcher will sample the specially produced beer during periods of weightlessness and record biometric and qualitative data related to the beer's drinkability.
In fact it's unique attraction is its soft and dangerous drinkability.
I think the product is different enough in concept and will score high enough on the drinkability scale to attract interest from other retailers," he says.