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rig used in drilling for oil or gas

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The second well, the Hageman 16-34 well, was drilled and cased to 8,625 feet before drilling rig issues required temporarily suspending drilling operations and releasing the rig.
The Elk drilling location is currently being prepared for the arrival of our new drilling rig.
Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC and its subsidiaries operate land-based drilling rigs in oil and natural gas producing regions of the continental United States and western Canada.
HH is one of the largest land drilling equipment manufacturers in the world, and is primarily engaged in manufacturing conventional land drilling rigs, digital drilling rigs, accessories of drilling rigs, and parts and components for the drilling rigs or for the maintenance of the drilling rigs in operation.
Ensign's ADR 1500S drilling rigs are planned and built in the Company's global rig manufacturing facilities situated in Houston, Texas and Nisku, Alberta.
Zhang Mi, Chairman of Honghua commented, "Honghua and KDC has established deep parternership for eight years, which fully demonstrated Honghua, as one of the largest global land drilling rig manufacturers, has consolidated its leading position in the Middle East market.
There are numerous castings used in the production of oil, from the drilling rig to the "christmas tree" sitting on top of a producing well, and finally the pipeline and refinery.
A feature of the research, which differs it from similar studies of other companies, is detailed breakage of market of drilling rigs by separate segment: drilling rigs for ground-surface and underground operations, self-propelled and non-self-propelled rigs.
Offshore drilling rigs are used for drilling and exploration activities in the offshore arena.
Contract Awarded for Supply of drilling rigs and equipment, Bentec has won the largest single contract in its 20 year history.
Even though purchasing drilling rigs is not among the inherent duties of Petro Iran Company, it decided to buy Marine-1 drilling rig in order to speed up implementation of projects and completing infrastructures," the official added.
The Company currently has two operated and two non-operated drilling rigs running and expects to have two additional drilling rigs operating during September.
NASDAQ: PTEN) today reported that for the month of September 2015, the Company had an average of 99 drilling rigs operating in the United States and four rigs in Canada.
UMWOG president Rohaizad Darus, said, This first assignment for UMWOG s newly built jack-up rig confirms our strong belief in an increasing demand for modern, high capability jack-up drilling rigs in this region.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian oil officials said the country is determined to attain self-sufficiency in manufacturing onshore drilling rigs.