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drilling rig consisting of an offshore platform (floating or fixed to the sea bed) from which many oil wells can be bored radially

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Olsen, and Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd (HHI) announced on Monday the resolution by way of a commercial agreement of disputes and differences arising in connection with the newbuilding contract for the construction of the semi-submersible drilling platform 'Bollsta Dolphin'.
Let us now take the necessary next step by acquiring a drilling platform as well," Erdogan reportedly said.
University students in Hadramout build model drilling platform using recycled goods
Demonstrators from a green action group calling itself Rising Tide climbed on to the drilling platform in Banks early yesterday.
Oil Company Winstar announced that it has signed a contract with the drilling Company Helmerich & Payne to provide of a 1500 horsepower drilling platform and related services on concessions of Chouech Essaida in southern Tunisia.
Yildiz said a new drilling platform would arrive in the Black Sea in the second quarter of 2011, adding that TPAO and Exxon Mobile would take part in a consortium with the Brazilian Petrobras in exploration efforts.
In the first ten weeks since a pipe fractured 8,000 feet beneath the sea floor, the deep-water West Atlas drilling platform has spewed explosive gas into the air and an estimated nine million gallons of oil into the ocean between the northwest coast of Australia and the islands of Indonesia.
The Islamic Republic inaugurated a new oil drilling platform in the Caspian last week, despite its repeated insistence that no one can drill in the Caspian until the border issue has been settled.
Venezuela is poised to begin building the first joint Venezuelan-Chinese oil drilling platform in June, according to Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez, reports AFP (May 20, 2009):
He said a number of people had witnessed the helicopter ditching into the sea from a drilling platform.
Shell Intends to build an off-shore drilling platform and a seabed pipeline near Sakhalin Island, but In July, the IWC endorsed a report that described the scheme as a threat to the whale's survival.
The mighty Rowan Gorilla VII drilling platform has been floated along the river to the McNulty Offshore yard in South Shields.
The principal installations include a drilling platform for twelve wells, a 25 kilometre multi-phase pipeline, and a 15 km underwater cable.
The massive BP Amoco project has turned an undersea shoal into a five-acre drilling platform.
The rig contracted for drilling the next set of wells on the company's Land Based Drilling Platform at Hazira has been mobilized and has commenced drilling.