drilling pipe

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a series of tubes (joined by screwed collars) that connect a drilling platform to the drilling bit

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This back and forth motion would cause the hole made by the cutting head to be more open in a particular direction and therefore facilitate steering of the drilling pipe in that direction underground.
DSW provides diverse services to the oil and gas industry including drilling rigs, drilling pipe (new and used), plugging of unused and abandoned oil and gas wells as well as consulting services to the oil and gas industry.
Directional drilling pipe isn't cheap, and proper care will extend pipe life and reduce the risk of pipe failure.
Chinese manufacturers can also make land rigs, drilling pipes, bits, modules, pumps and valves at up to half the price of the same equipment made elsewhere.
Kuwait, 30 August: The National Petroleum Services Company (NAPESCO) was chosen for the second part of the Kuwait Oil Company tender to supply drilling pipes of different diameters at KD 2.
North Bay Plastic Molders produces plastic caps for a variety of applications, including specialized shipping caps for pipes, thread protectors for protecting the threads of drilling pipes and end caps for explosives, and plastic electronics housings.
The oil company notified state officials and eventually submitted a sample of "scale," the crusty and potentially occluding mineral deposit that forms along the interior of drilling pipes.
pipes used in machine building and energy production, drilling pipes and casing pipes.