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the act of drilling


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the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum

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Edge smoothing indicates that drilling was performed on living individuals whose continued chewing caused further dental wear.
Huffman further stated, "However, the costs and risks associated with the project are far greater than our other drilling projects because most of the wells target over-pressured reservoirs.
During the fourth quarter, the Company plans to begin drilling the first exploratory well in Winn Parish targeting the Bossier formation at a depth of approximately 15,000 feet.
Oil shows were encountered while drilling and wireline logs indicated approximately 6 meters of net oil pay.
Drilling activity remains on schedule for an 87 (52.
Pursuant to the Plan, the Private Company has changed its name from Forster Drilling Corporation to Forster Tool & Supply, Inc.
The enhanced Enterprise-class drillship is being designed to include the most advanced drilling capabilities in the offshore drilling industry.
The common stock shares of the reorganized and renamed Public Company, Forster Drilling Corporation, will trade on the Electric Bulletin Board (OTC BB) under a new symbol yet to be assigned, and the newly reorganized Public Company common stock shares will be assigned a new CUSIP number.
The Company has spent the last several months modernizing the drilling rig, refurbishing the existing Corvina platform, and assembling all the supplies, equipment, and services for the drilling program.
Pursuant to the Plan, the Private Company will change its name from Forster Drilling Corporation to Forster Tool & Supply, Inc.
DENVER -- CREDO Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: CRED) today provided an operational update on its Anadarko Basin drilling program and its new South Texas and Kansas exploration projects.
Whittier Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:WHIT) today announced a drilling success rate of 88% for wells drilled since January 1, 2006.
After forking over $3,600 for the one-month 'helper level' course and fulfilling the provincially required 160 hours of training at the retired Falconbridge Fecunis Mine, both know they will be in high demand by drilling companies once they get a year's real-world experience under their belts.