drill press

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a machine tool with a separate, upright stand

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Polymer 80 recommends three different methods in their instructions, using a milling machine, using a drill press and finally by using basic hand tools.
63% of units surveyed did not have safety precaution signs posted for the lathe, bench grinder, and drill press.
This drill press establishes a total package of features to address woodworkers' needs for ease of use, accuracy and capacity.
Grouping a drill press, stationary tool holder and flex shaft tool holder together, this easy-to-use work station enhances project quality and productivity while simplifying applications such as precision drilling, delicate polishing and wood carving.
A First, have you checked your drill press for runout?
The product comprises of industry running drill press vises, general purpose vises, drill presses, bench grinders and more.
66% of units did not have non-skid strips and striped yellow and black indicators properly installed on the deck in front of the lathe, drill press, and bench grinder.
bench top drill press features a fully adjustable X-Y axis laser for precision drilling and pinpoint accuracy.
Company officials saw the potential for plastics and adapted a hand drill press for the earliest version of an ultrasonic welder for rigid plastics.
It's like Zen, sitting there with a drill press on a beautiful day,'' the vivacious Talbot said from the conference room of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce.
During the past six months, our surveyors have uncovered a number of submarines not complying with a requirement for a chip shield on the lathe or drill press.
The 17-959L laser drill press provides the user with a larger work surface with multiple features, including t-slots, easy-clamp edges and forward tilts of 45[degrees], as well as left- and right-tilt of 90[degrees].
Millmate's tailstock drill press for lathes is useful for one-handed peck drilling and is ideal for power tapping small threads.
He said he expected to sell 10 or more of a $3,000 combination table saw, drill press, lathe and other tools.
Taylor pioneered uncharted theories of engine design by using only a lathe and drill press to construct a 4-cylinder piston engine weighing 179 pounds and producing 12 horsepower -- a feat accomplished in just six weeks.