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a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline

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The drill instructor began to sing cadence, and the platoon answered back:
Tom received orders to Perris Island, SC for drill instructor duty and Jen was informed by the EFMP coordinator that there were sufficient services for Riley and River.
Simmons, who's been a supporting character for aeons in the likes of gives a performance as simmons, who's been a supporting character for aeons in the likes of Young Adult and Juno, gives a performance as good as you've ever seen, recalling R Lee Ermey's bullying drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket.
Hugh O'Brian's style of self-discipline, enterprise, and tenacity, learned from his Marine Corps dad, carried him from being the youngest Marine Corps drill instructor in history to a legendary career as TV's Wyatt Earp, versatile movie roles, Broadway and stage shows, as well as numerous guest appearances.
Having starred in more than 60 feature films, he is best known for his role as a drill instructor, GySgt.
This pack will have voiceovers from the Drill Instructor from austere Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrik's "Full Metal Jacket", R.
THIS chilling arsenal of weapons was seized from a former army drill instructor who headed a multi-million pound drug cartel.
THE KING: Insp Paul Holden stars as Elvis at a charity fundraiser and, left, new recruits at a drill session led by drill instructor Dave Seddon
That's because of a "teaching moment" in boot camp in 1964, wherein a Marine drill instructor oh-so-politely explained to those of us in Platoon 371 the difference between a "gun" and a "rifle.
A session with an RAF drill instructor also reminded the cadets they were trainee fire-fighters
In the summer of 1956, a drill instructor in the Marine Corps led his platoon on a nighttime march into the swamps of Parris Island, South Carolina, resulting in the deaths of six recruits in his charge.
After a night of abuse at the hands of a drill instructor, more than one recruit has run toward that star.
The drill instructor running the whole show told Darron Thomas and Cliff Harris to remain.
Far from an overzealous drill instructor, Professor Chua was compassionate and eager for students to engage with the material creatively.
Comas, drill instructor, platoon 1074 Company D, 1st RTB.