drill instructor

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a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline

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According to the report, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigated 20 Marine drill instructors, officers and staff members amid allegations of hazing, assault and discriminating against Muslim recruits dating to 2015.
The lawsuit, filed October 16 in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, alleges that the service "fostered a culture of abuse and hazing," was negligent "on multiple levels of command," and ultimately is liable for the recruit's death as a result of "recurrent physical and verbal abuse of recruits by drill instructors, with a noted insufficiency of oversight and supervision.
Every light in the squad bay was on, and all the drill instructors were running through the building upsetting bunks with men in them.
Soon, Tom will complete his Drill Instructor duty and be able to spend more time with the family.
I interviewed those extras as a drill instructor and had Leon Vitale, Kubrick's right-hand man, tape it.
In Court-Martial at Parris Island, Stevens investigates the drowning deaths in Ribbon Creek, focusing closely on the court-martial of the drill instructor involved, Staff Sergeant Matthew McKeon.
After a night of abuse at the hands of a drill instructor, more than one recruit has run toward that star.
Just before or after their wardrobe change, recruits met the man who would change their lives: their drill instructor.
The drill instructor running the whole show told Darron Thomas and Cliff Harris to remain.
Far from an overzealous drill instructor, Professor Chua was compassionate and eager for students to engage with the material creatively.
Comas, drill instructor, platoon 1074 Company D, 1st RTB.
Senior Drill Instructor Welch, bitter-eyed, red-faced, nose filled with broken blood vessels, is especially no friend of yours.
He had left school at 14 to train as a surveyor, and served six years in the Army after his call-up, becoming a sergeant and drill instructor.
However, there is little doubt that he was a competent soldier--not only was he a battalion intelligence NCO, a position held by this reviewer, but as a sergeant he was selected as a drill instructor at the Royal Military College.
Like the previous classes before them, the officer candidates, leery of what to expect, received their first Navy haircuts, were issued uniforms and met their Marine drill instructor to formally kick off their training.