drill bit

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a bit used in drilling for oil

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Some of this is certainly because the drill bit was left inside.
To drill holes in metal, and small holes in wood, you need a twist drill bit.
The kit includes the drill bits required, the insert bolts/nuts, cutting fluid, a bolt/nut gauge, and a storage case.
In all, 11,000 new products have been added to the Mutual web site, everything from die drills, glass drills and left-handed drill bits to complete drill bit sets.
Top Tip: If you are fitting the towel loop to ceramic tiling, you will need to use a masonry drill driver with a 5mm drill bit.
Secure the brackets, switch your drill bit to the screwdriver piece and, using the screws provided, secure the brackets to the wall.
The innovative, miniaturised UNEO comes ready for use with two masonry/concrete drill bits (6mm and 8mm); two hex-shank drill bits for wood and metal (5mm and 6mm); and four long screwdriver bits.
Use a twist drill bit to make two or three holes though the frame, then use a masonry drill bit to go on through into the wall.
CARROLLTON, Texas -- Varel International has taken PDC drill bit technology to a new level with the introduction of Voyager series bits.
RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY Atlas Copco Takes Over Majority Stake in Shandong Rock Drilling Tools Atlas Copco to Take Over NewTech Drilling Products ESCO Take Over Ulterra Drilling Technologies ESIP Energy and Varel International Form Joint Venture HTT-Tools Receives Quality Certification from Association - Prufgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer Varel NTS Establishes New PDC Drill Bit Production Facility Affinity Tool Works Inks Agreement with FISH Tools Varel International Acquires Rotary Percussion System from Renegade Drilling Tools Schlumberger Merges with Smith International 3.
Tools and materials:: 6ftx6ft trellis sheet 18V circular saw Safety specs 18V hammer action drill 6mm masonry drill bit Brown masonry wall plugs 3in screws Two workbenches Clamps
No plugs are needed on this kind of panelling, but if fixing onto ceramic wall tiles, you'll have to use a 5mm masonry drill bit and a red plug.
Q I've bought a diamond grit-edged drill bit to cut holes for the shower pipes in my bathroom tiles.
A BUILDER is recovering in hospital after an 18in long drill bit skewered his skull.