drift off

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change from a waking to a sleeping state

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He added: "It does not seem the right thing to me for the country to drift off.
Another motorist reported watching the van drift off a curve in the winding road without swerving or braking.
Areas of clear glazing are punched apparently at random into the translucent polycarbonate skin frame and define views of the landscape from inside at study table height, so students can drift off in contemplative reveries.
In this outermost layer, gases drift off into space.
Haloed in white on smooth cream grounds, the words seem ready to break away from their panels and drift off into the air of the gallery and the world beyond.
Once this familiarization period is over, the RDCW becomes fully active, and provides levels of warning equivalent to whether the vehicle begins to drift off path, or is traveling too fast to negotiate an upcoming curve.
Cahill, Sasso, and Corrigan attend the first but tend to drift off when the second begins.
That lethal subcategory is the drift-off-road crash, defined as drivers who drift off the road due to drowsiness, inattention, or distraction.
If a teacher for example determines that specific students have a tendency to drift off at specific times each day, then strategies can be prescribed to counteract this problem.
A typical result is that such devices will significantly drift off from their original operating point within a few days.
Back in your room, light the fire, snuggle under your feather comforter, and watch firelight flicker over the room's foot-thick, gently rounded adobe walls before you drift off to sleep.
People tend to drift off of the issue and into new territory.
saw the athletes' van drift off the road, strike a parked truck, then catch fire.
Birds are not cooperative because they can fly out of the field of camera range," he says, watching a few computer specks drift off the screen.