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a large fishnet supported by floats

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However this form of drift netting is distant, both geographically and metaphorically, from the small-scale and environmentally acceptable use of drift nets in the UK.
Besides the Japanese and the Taiwanese, the South Koreans have been active in drift netting -- unlike the Japanese, who have said they'll stop doing it this month, and the Taiwanese, who have said they'll stop doing it next year, the South Koreans haven't said anything.
Leading Welsh anglers were among 4,000 at a mass rally in Killarney, County Kerry, on Saturday protesting against the Irish Government's policy onsalmon drift netting.
When the Government announced plans to scrap part of the fishing fleet recently, it should have banned drift netting at the same time.
Considerable opposition to the drift netting is now coming from Ireland itself.
TWO men who left a net drift for almost an hour across the full width of a low water channel near Pwll have been fined by Llanelli magistrates for drift netting in the Burry Estuary.