drift net

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a large fishnet supported by floats

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High seas drift net fishing kills huge amounts of fish, birds and marine mammals with nets suspended for miles.
Curbs on drift nets have been in place on European waters since 1992 but illegal use has been reported amongst French and Italian fishermen.
Only 15 salmon drift net licences remain between Amble and Whitby and Mr Armstrong believes their removal will prevent younger generations of fishermen and their families from entering the industry.
California's drift net swordfish and shark fisheries operate under special limited entry permits, with 123 permittees actively fishing in California in 1998.
In 1992 the Government began the process of closing the salmon and sea trout drift net fishery along the Northumberland coastline.
In 1992, the government's fisheries minister made an order which began the phasing out of the drift net fishery for salmon on the Northumberland coast.
An Environment Agency Wales spokesman added, 'Salmon from all parts of England and Wales are exploited in the Irish coastal drift net fishery.
He added: "To save the salmon we need to stop drift net fishing.
Ireland is the only country in Europe that still permits drift net fishing - it is illegal in Canada, Scotland, Iceland and Norway.
I'm just fighting to try and keep the drift net tradition alive ( I'm not interested in any buy-out.
The Irish drift net fishery is now the only large-scale fishery of its kind in the entire North Atlantic.
A spokesman said yesterday: "Under law all wild salmon caught by rod and line anglers must have a blue tag while salmon caught by drift net at sea should have a red tag.
Thus this Irish drift net industry reaps the harvest of returning salmon, a harvest which they had no hand in its production nor its nurturing.
The value to the economy of a salmon caught by an angling tourist is EUR423 but just EUR22 if caught by drift net.
The question is whether governments, in the light of EU legislation, should license wholesale and indiscriminate predation of an SAC-protected species, in the knowledge, for instance, that a drift net can remove the breeding population of a single tributary stream and with it 10,000 years of migration habit and disease resistance.