drift away

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lose personal contact over time

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Mansfield's thoughts sometimes drift away on the waves back to Vietnam and the 1968 Tet Offensive.
The spa environment provides space to drift away and dream, balancing your state of mind and well being and releasing your inner beauty.
Martin Ellis, of the Halifax, said there was no sign of an end to the steady drift away from areas damaged by industrial decline in the north.
It is highly unlikely that the sprayed endosulfan would drift away all the way to the Vaninagar school area 3 km away.
The motivation both for Boerhaave's early study of the human body as a machine and for his subsequent drift away from mechanism to seminalism, Knoeff claims, was his lifelong commitment to a Calvinist framework, which emphasized both the inherent limitations of human reason (owing to the Fall of Adam) and the value of understanding God through an empirical study of Creation, which would reveal His providence.
Allow your mind to drift away as you focus on every physical sensation you can feel.
Not wanting him to drift away with his own new language full of mysterious words like `par,' `birdie' and `rough,' I said I would, too.
Vincent Goodstadt, president of the Royal Town Planning Institute, said the RTPI supports Government policy which is designed to ease a drift away from urban centres and to increase urban densities.
The results is that clubs are beginning to worry that young cricketers will drift away from the game because of the lack of action.
Their boat began to drift away from the island and the man disappeared from sight as he tried to reach it.
Gaill suggests that the tube worm embryos that drift away from the vents or are carried upward by the vent's heated plume quickly reach cool water, enter a state of arrested development, and then ride the ocean currents until they reach a suitably warm spot to continue their growth.
The authors contend that by trying to excel at too many things, great companies drift away from their knitting.
So beautiful is Mendelssohn's music that one could drift away on a cloud and lose sight of the message; for there is a message there and it is this: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel answers prayer.
Even if today, as Showalter notes, the quilt has "transcended the stigma of its sources in women's culhire" and become the "central metaphor of American cultural identity" (215), that generalizing drift away from a certain womanly specificity has not diminished its appeal as a kind of ground for certain groups, particularly women's.
The man who founded The Wine Spectator and added Cigar Aficionado is watching his ash grow longer as cigar buffs drift away like smoke through the window.