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Company's LPD (low pressure drying) vacuum dryer uses vacuum to accelerate resin drying and dries materials in one-sixth the time of a desiccant dryer.
Since the air flow can carry away less water vapor at the bottom than at the top, the garment dries from the top down.
In his new position, van den Dries will oversee the company's sales and OEM distribution activities and manage the marketing activities for Think Outside's mobile-computing products.
The heat retained during the activation of the binderwill provide a "through-cure" as the remainder of the core dries and gains additional strength.
Desiccant central dryers (DCD) dries one or more granular materials to less than 0.
New Thercuum thermal conduction/vacuum dryer dries resins in under an hour, cuts energy costs by 50%, reduces mold maintenance by elminating harmful films, and occupies up to 50% less floor space than a conventional desiccant dryer.
Its unique, open architecture configuration solves the challenge of CMP process integration by increasing productivity and eliminating the damage that can occur if polishing slurry dries on a wafer.
The binder and/or slurry spreads and dries beneath the first dip.