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We know that it can perfectly well withstand a little more heat or cold, dampness or dryness, for elsewhere it ranges into slightly hotter or colder, damper or drier districts.
Numerous species inhabit both salt and fresh water; but those to which I allude were found, even in the drier parts of the forest, beneath logs of rotten wood, on which I believe they feed.
The feathers and wings of birds are still drier and thinner leaves.
Harkee, old trapper," interrupted Paul, pointing to a little distance, where the ground was drier, and the herbage had, in consequence, been less luxuriant; "just call them two horses.
As I look at the full stream, the vivid grass, the delicate bright-green powder softening the outline of the great trunks and branches that gleam from under the bare purple boughs, I am in love with moistness, and envy the white ducks that are dipping their heads far into the water here among the withes, unmindful of the awkward appearance they make in the drier world above.
Tenders are invited for Supply, erection and commissioning of one set (2 numbers) of desiccant type of hydrogen driers with blower to retrofit the existing hydrogen driers of unit # 3.
Watch commander Howard Young, of Hudders-field Fire Station, said: "We would urge people not to leave washing machines, driers or dishwashers on while they go out.
The bureaucrats of Europe then intend to reduce the electrical power in future sales of electric heaters, ovens, air driers, and clothes driers.
The addition of cobalt and zinc driers reduced the drying time which indicates that autoxidation is occurring.
Tumble driers can be prone to fires due to a build up of dust which gets ignited by the heat.
However not everyone has a space to dry clothes outside and sometimes it is raining, but unfortunately tumble driers are an energy nightmare.
Rechi said it had begun shipping inverter compressors to the top-10 European home-appliance firms, including Electrolux, to facilitate production of high-tier clothes driers last year, with some 400,000 drier compressors delivered to Europe last year to account for 4% of total sales of such product.
From large ride-on scrubber driers, capable of cleaning up to 6000 square metres per hour, to low cost pedestrian operated and small ride-on floor scrubbers, offering all the manoeuvrability of a pedestrian scrubber.
Fire officials said a fire started in one of the corn driers.
Multiple drum driers are ideal for applications requiring high line speeds, extended dwell time and in-line temperature profiling for drying, thermal bonding and cooling.