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dehydrated milk

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For Dagestan, at least 3 thousand tons of dried milk is needed.
The bench asked the PFA to continue their efforts to check sub-standard food and adjourned further hearing with directions to the LHC for deciding the dried milk companies cases within one month.
The Milk samples were measured in two forms: directly in liquid form in open aluminum dishes at a laboratory temperature and in form of dried milk droplets on aluminum plates.
She stopped the children's free school milk, after which tons of cheap dried milk powder were offered to French partners to feed to their cattle.
The book also covers the chemistry of milk and the role of constituents in evaporation and drying, international standards relating to concentrated and dried milk products for trading purposes, hazards that may occur during the manufacture of dairy powders, process control in evaporation and drying, and the technology of evaporators, membrane processing, and dryers.
Ironically, EU stocks of butter and dried milk powder are falling just as demand for dairy products globally is rising, particularly in Asia.
The Evening Telegraph reported recently how Nicola Fox, aged 31, of Conway Avenue, Tile Hill, found the object in a packet of dried milk she was preparing for her children seven-month-old Elliot and Morgan, 21 months.
They're as indomitable as that dried milk scum at the dead center inside bottom of your kid's empty breakfast glass left out in the sun.
The objective at this institution was to: "Double the milk consumption, so that average is clearly above one pint per child per day, using skim or whole dried milk.
According to the company's Joyce Hebert, the paint is made from all-natural ingredients, and based on casein, a dried milk protein.
Near one major road in central Jakarta, thousands of looters attacked a building that was used to store staples such as rice, sugar and dried milk.
Indeed, the sphingofat served to mice in his colon cancer study came from nonfat dried milk.
If you find skim milk watery, try adding a tablespoon or two of nonfat dried milk to each glass.
It uses 100% natural nonfat dried milk which is wholly reconstituted in the machine at the time the drink is prepared.
Dried milk powders have long been important ingredients in baked goods, confections, and desserts.