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fruit preserved by drying

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0 L - 7500 kg, dried fruit (dried fruit) - 4500 kg, raisins - 570 kg, dried apricots - 270 kg
The consumption of dates, figs and other dried fruit increases during Ramadan and as people are fasting they tend to consume more and buy more soft drinks as well, she added.
Mariani dried fruit, the largest independently-owned producer and packer of dried fruit in the world, is now available for the first time in the UK and across Europe,
Andres Rodriguez, executive president of Chilean Walnut Commission and Prune Processors and Exporters Association said: "The Chilean dried fruit industry is growing fast, forecasting $1 billion exports by 2015, with walnuts, prunes, almonds, hazelnuts and raisins as main products, positioning Chile as an important player in the international dried fruit supply.
Summary: DUBAI - The consumption of nuts and dried fruits in the Middle East is increasing faster than other regions in the world due to growing awareness among consumers about their health benefits and due to a high number of festivals.
Arianna Carughi, Health and Nutrition Research Coordinator for the California Dried Fruit Coalition.
Ishida Europe has supplied Maitre Prunille, a major producer of dried fruit, with three different multihead weigher models in order to handle a wide variety of products while meeting demanding speed and accuracy specifications.
Figs were the first dried fruit mentioned in written records.
To use like fresh plums, rehydrate slices by method 4; rehydrate thicker pieces by method 5, using 1 cup water to each 1 cup dried fruit.
It then moves into the market overview section, which provides an overview of the global dried fruit and nut market with details regarding its current market scenario, its overall production and consumption during the last five years.
The largest international event dedicated to the nut and dried fruit industries welcomed nearly 1000 participants from more than 60 countries in Antalya, Turkey
Dried fruit and snack mixes' sales continue to grow as consumers increasingly opt for snacking products between meals and even as meal replacements.
The Mariani brand has been providing premium quality dried fruit to consumers and customers all over the globe.
Residents of Batken region were left without income from the sale of dried fruit this year, they are forced to sell the harvest to resellers from neighboring countries at minuscule price, said the press service of Batken region with reference to the president of Batken Association of Entrepreneurs, Avazbek Chotbaev.
Sell someone some dried fruit and you don't have to charge VAT-turn that same dried fruit into a bar and the government wants its cut.