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the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks

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For those who just want to charge off and play, here are four simple techniques to help: | Face up an opponent while dribbling by holding the left trigger and right trigger together.
A ripe nectarine should be eaten and just enjoyed for the simple pleasure of flavour, colour, smell and of course the dribbling juice.
Players with silky skills and eye-catching dribbling ability have been a dying breed in recent years but Kean believes the top Spanish clubs are paving the way for their return.
Also, those taking part enjoyed learning the different skills in the multi-skill session where they did hockey dribbling, basketball dribbling and shooting and where they practiced their agility.
01 then uses 03 as a back screener to cut across the lane in the opposite direction and on out to the opposite wing area to receive the hand off from 02 who has continued dribbling across the center lane area.
The academy operates on Saturdays at the Willow Creek Sports Club in west Eugene, but members who want to work on their dribbling skills can do so every Wednesday between 5:30 p.
ATLANTA, March 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- After dribbling for more hours than it took him to drive from his hometown of Plymouth, Mich.
Even if a keyboard student only "practices" dribbling with an imaginary basketball, he is learning to coordinate a hand and forearm movement.
SOCCER fan Rod Wendel was feeling tired but happy after dribbling more than 20 miles in under seven hours for charity.
His dribbling at pace is just as dazzling but there is an end product now, one that usually brings a chance for a team-mate or a goal for the boy himself.
Patterson compares Kim to a young Dirk Nowitzki, citing his shooting, dribbling and passing abilities, and says Kim runs the floor well.
When Frank "Shake and Bake" Streety discloses the source of his wizardry in a recipe, it epitomizes Mallozzi's wizardry as well: "Use two full servings of between-the-legs dribbling.
The two-day course saw youngsters using coaching aids including dribbling men, passing gates, freekick walls, speed guns, a ball-throwing machine, soccer arenas, rebound walls and agility zones.
According to the plaintiff, the competitions in question were launched in 1998 by Game Over founder Eric Hicks, who grew up in the Bronx and learned the dribbling dance moves on the street.
If you want to score in basketball, you've got to put the ball on the floor--that means dribbling, and we don't mean sloppy eating.