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a basketball player who is dribbling the ball to advance it

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A lot of it for us is to push them into what we call baseline or sideline push, where we aggravate the dribbler because he drives into a double team.
However, Sport24 reports that Holland urged Mata to follow the example of Ronaldo, who has evolved as an individual in his three-year period working with Mourinho, adding that Ronaldo has become has become a top-level match winner who wants to make runs in behind and to threaten the goal along with being a talented dribbler.
Suarez is more a player who goes on the flanks and is more a dribbler.
He also has an eye for goal, makes intelligent runs, can drift inside and he is an excellent dribbler.
A fast and tricky dribbler, some say Ribery reached his peak as a footballer in 2013, but 2014 has been an injury-marred disaster.
Four years earlier Belgium successfully shackled Maradona by surrounding the diminutive dribbler whenever he had the ball at his feet.
In this case, 03 now becomes the designated hot dribbler.
He is not a dribbler like many other players but he doesn't need to dribble, he just strokes the ball in and there it comes.
The fastest time was posted in the opening heat where the Sean Dowling-trained Joyful Dribbler led from halfway for a very easy four and a half lengths victory from the slow-starting hot favourite Tradition in 42.
I was a pretty decent dribbler but my left foot was c**p.
Quick, a slick dribbler who can go either way, Gray has an upside and should get even better with more experience.
He is a good dribbler and can take you on in the one-on-one situations.
He's an exciting player, he's a dribbler, takes on people and I can't wait to see him.
A MYSTERY Celtic dribbler was caught short on a TV news report last night.
That they now want flowers planted in it is amusing in itself though this would, in effect, make the dribbler the most expensive flower pot in history.