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a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid)

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You know how much you waste because you can see it in your wardrobe but you don't need to know how much you spend in those dribs and drabs because you aren't faced with a huge bill just a drip, drip pocket leakage.
Remember, the more dribs and drabs of income-the more irons you have in the fire--the better.
He said: "We were released on December 10D and received compensation in dribs and drabs over several years.
Since the 1990s it has done dribs and drabs, and made the place disjointed.
Instead the pain will come in dribs and drabs until it's had its way with you.
Springs and WestPoint will get the bulk of it, but dribs and drabs will be parceled out to companies from here to Karachi.
By dribs and drabs we get the pieces of a larger picture that can seem ominous.
They document such immense demand and the supply fixes come only in dribs and drabs.
If these schools are successful, then those young citizens will surely help unify our country in far more important ways than the dribs and drabs of pop culture.
Navy for having allowed civilians to staff key positions aboard the Greeneville as it executed a tricky rapid-surfacing maneuver, and for releasing information about the accident in reluctant dribs and drabs.
It's all dribs and drabs," says Jeff Cohen, managing director with Silverado Capital Management, a Saddle Brook, NJ-based convertible arbitrage fund.
THE LIKELY RESULT OF ALL OF THIS IS THAT THE CIA releases some limited amount of data, perhaps in dribs and drabs, and some environmental scientists are happy.
Thus, REGO will be presented to Congress in dribs and drabs, where it will be drubbed by special interests.
We were told about the consultation on March 10, but information has come in dribs and drabs since then.