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a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid)

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Remember, the more dribs and drabs of income-the more irons you have in the fire--the better.
We are getting allocated dribs and drabs of liP Sauce but it is nowhere near back to normal," he said.
He said: "We were released on December 10D and received compensation in dribs and drabs over several years.
Since the 1990s it has done dribs and drabs, and made the place disjointed.
News did not travel at the speed of a mouse click 100 years ago, so it's not surprising that reports about the sinking of the Titanic came out only in dribs and drabs.
Springs and WestPoint will get the bulk of it, but dribs and drabs will be parceled out to companies from here to Karachi.
They document such immense demand and the supply fixes come only in dribs and drabs.
If these schools are successful, then those young citizens will surely help unify our country in far more important ways than the dribs and drabs of pop culture.
It's all dribs and drabs," says Jeff Cohen, managing director with Silverado Capital Management, a Saddle Brook, NJ-based convertible arbitrage fund.
Most thing come to us in dribs and drabs so it's wonderful to get this in one go.
Thus, REGO will be presented to Congress in dribs and drabs, where it will be drubbed by special interests.
And, why is such crucial information about the nation's AIDS epidemic being withheld and released only in dribs and drabs--not even by the agency charged with handling it--the CDC--, but by NIAID?
Klopp has been preaching his message to the squad as they returned in dribs and drabs from international duty during the week ahead of tomorrow's early kick-off at Tottenham Hotspur.
He said: "I was always winning dribs and drabs and my mother said to me 'You're going to win that one day'.