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Synonyms for dressmaker


Synonyms for dressmaker

someone who makes or mends dresses

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The dressmaker to whom I had alluded had been my mother's maid in f ormer years, and had been established in business with money lent by my late step-father, Mr.
Now, the first idea called up in Mrs Nickleby's mind by the words milliner and dressmaker were connected with certain wicker baskets lined with black oilskin, which she remembered to have seen carried to and fro in the streets; but, as Ralph proceeded, these disappeared, and were replaced by visions of large houses at the West end, neat private carriages, and a banker's book; all of which images succeeded each other with such rapidity, that he had no sooner finished speaking, than she nodded her head and said 'Very true,' with great appearance of satisfaction.
The dressmaker was a buxom person, handsomely dressed and rather good-looking, but much older than the gentleman in the Turkish trousers, whom she had wedded some six months before.
It was generally felt that, given a year or two of experience, introduced to good dressmakers, and preserved from bad influences, she would be an acquisition.
But resting his eye upon Cassandra, to whose elegance the dressmakers had now done justice, William said sharply:
First there are men selling picture postcards; then there are wretched little shop-girls with round bandboxes; then there are bank clerks in tail coats; and then--any number of dressmakers.
There were many tailors and dressmakers and shoemakers and the like, who made things that any who desired them might wear.
Brott would like to see us all working for our living, school-teachers and dressmakers, and that sort of thing, you know.
His account of both was quite satisfactory to Wardle --as almost any other account would have been, for the good old gentleman was overflowing with Hilarity and kindness--and a handsome portion having been bestowed upon Emily, the marriage was fixed to take place on the fourth day from that time --the suddenness of which preparations reduced three dressmakers and a tailor to the extreme verge of insanity.
GEM: Diamond brooch; ROYAL REQUEST: Plea for dressmaker to cut costs; HISTORY: Regal gown; CAREFUL: Queen Mum
7--Color) Prom gowns have a minimum of froufrou, but plenty of dressmaker details such as the criss-cross straps, left, and boned bodices.
DRESSMAKER Thelma Madine from Big Fat Gypsy Weddings at Urban Calm spa in the Metquarter.
Since Mrs Archer has the analytical brain of a scientist, lives in splendid isolation at her country mansion, visits her dressmaker when she wants a new outfit, doesn't believe sexual fidelity is necessary to keep a marriage going and possesses the hauteur of a duchess, it seems unlikely she'd have a clue who the average person is, let alone how often they fib.
Add Casals: Bud Collins of the Boston Globe remembers that the late dressmaker Ted Tinling adored her, ``gowning Rosie in spangles, sequins, a variety of color combinations.
For Karen's lips she used Dressmaker Dressmaker lipstick with peach toned Easy Lounger Lip Glass to complete the look.