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Earlier this season it was claimed there was "poison" in the Magpies dressing room and that Tiote (pictured below) was one of a number of "bad eggs" at the club.
JOHN O'MAHONY says it is sad the rows which developed between players and management in Mayo football and Galway hurling could not be sorted out inside the confines of the dressing rooms.
I think so, looking around the dressing room," Mowbray agreed.
I've given him and the senior players the responsibilty to get together and to make sure that the dressing room is run properly.
The former midfielder said: "You need to get your experienced players on your side or you lose the dressing room.
There is an unwritten convention in cricket what happens in a team's dressing room stays there.
Terry turned and ran out of the dressing room and saw a well-known Liverpool actor in the corridor.
Dalman confirmed he did go into the dressing room, as usual, to support manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but didn't say anything about the Abu Dhabi trip.
Taylor had said that he was 'sick' of hearing about the row between Ponting and rested captain Michael Clarke, adding that he was disappointed that Ponting let the issue out of the Australian dressing room and disturbed the sanctity of the atmosphere.
Excrement was found on the floor of the Eagles' dressing room ahead of the second-leg clash between the fierce derby rivals last Monday.
Now, we've all heard stories about teacups going everywhere and boots flying - the incident during which Sir Alex Ferguson cut David Beckham's eyebrow by sending a boot sailing across the Manchester United dressing room has entered football folklore - but this is one of those cases where the saying that "what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room" hasn't worked.
The message was quickly followed up with another, reading, "We have officially named our dressing room after @AdamLevine ;)," acccompanied by a picture of the club's marquee that had been rearranged to read "ADAM LEVINE YOUR DRESSING ROOM IS READY.
The dressing room needs to be lively and you need characters to keep the place bubbly, make sure nerves don't get the better of any player.
When I tried them on in the dressing room, they felt just right, maybe because I wasn't walking around in them, just standing there.
Summary: The FA will demand security is tightened following a breach at the Green Point Stadium when a fan entered the England dressing room.