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Synonyms for dressing

Synonyms for dressing

a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables

making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure

processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather

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the activity of getting dressed

the act of applying a bandage

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20% level of dietary Na+ are scarce for the best performance of broilers, the objective of present study was to investigate the effect of different levels of sodium and dietary electrolyte balance on body weight gain, feed conversion ratio, feed intake, dressing percentage, and breast muscle yield and to determine the optimum level of sodium and DEB in broiler rations.
The net meat weight, dressing percentage and meat percentage were also higher in the crossbred sheep than in the Small Tailed Han sheep.
For 3'UTR SNPs of SUMO3 gene, individuals with the TT genotype was significantly associated with higher dressing percentage, hind leg circumference, eye muscle area (p<0.
As the results showed no significant differences in dressing percentage and the relative weight of the viscera internal edible among the treatments T2, T3, T4, compared with the control treatment T1, these result show not significant differences between the treatments T2, T3, T4 in the relative weight of the heart and gizzard, liver and spleen compared with the control treatment T1.
Back fat thickness and the pH were probable factors affecting the WBSF values, meat from animals fed for 78 days were more tender when compared with animals fed for 36 days (Table 3) Time on feed did not affect dressing percentage, thaw loss, cooking loss, or color values.
Dressing percentage was determined by dividing total dressed meat by the total live weight of animal.
Breed differences in dressing percentage of chickens have earlier been reported by Sah et al.
Dr Beltranena told Feedinfo News Service: "The barley diet will give you a lower dressing percentage because the hind gut tends to thicken and when you remove it at evisceration then the carcass weighs a little lower so hog farmers need to market their hogs a little heavier, by two to three kilos, but that also means two to three days more in the barn.
Effect of betaine supplementation on mean FCR and Dressing Percentage and AFP of heat stressed broiler chicks.
No significant differences were observed in dressing percentage, breast or leg muscle yield, or abdominal fat of chicks at the age of 21 d or 42 d (p>0.
The data collected was utilized to calculate dressing percentage and organ weights (g organ weight/100 g body weight).
05) effect on dressing percentage, however adding 5ml LOG/kg DM intake recorded the best values of dressing percentages compared to the other groups.
On day-42 three birds from each pen were randomly selected for blood collection to determine serum lipid profile using Blood Biochemical Analyzer antibody titre using HI and ELISA kits and were killed to find out carcass yield in terms of dressing percentage.