dressing down

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In a web survey by business information specialists Croner, 67% of HR professionals believe that employees are dressing down too much.
Gill Fraser, editor of Croner's Personnel in Practice publication says: ``As with everything, dressing down can have positive and negative impacts on a business.
Whatever the dress code, people must never fall into the trap of confusing dressing down with dressing badly as this is one easy way of jeopardising a career.
FASHION: Despite their wealth Chris Evans and Billie Piper like dressing down
The study, carried out by High Street clothes company Austin Reed, shows Midland men match the national average where dressing down for work is concerned.
Caroline Paterson, design and retail manager at London bespoke tailors 40 Savile Row said: 'Men have come in here and said 'We are dressing down now, what can I wear?
Strachan was driving with his wife Lesley when the incident happened, prompting him to flag down the bus and give the guilty parties a severe dressing down.
Although it's not going to become a tradition at the NYSE, dressing down Fridays or other days is gaining widespread acceptance.
The Crazy In Love singer wowed the audience in a saucy pink dress, before dressing down in jeans to snuggle up to her boyfriend Jay-Z.
Dressing down is most prevalent in the manufacturing and engineering sectors and among professionals.
The `suit is dead' coverage that surrounded Arthur Andersen's decision to allow dressing down at work seems to be premature," said Mr Matthew Norton, managing director of tailors Norton & Townsend, who commissioned the survey.
Everyone loves dressing up now and again but there often comes a time when dressing down seems like a much better option.
The company commander walked through the ranks early Friday morning inspecting her troops - complimenting a few, dressing down others.
NOT TWO SMART: Jessica seems to be dressing down to Rhys's level