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Synonyms for dressy

Synonyms for dressy

requiring elegant clothes and fine manners

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in fancy clothing

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There are loads of different cuts, shapes and colours and jeanswork sowellwith everything, from relaxed T-shirts to the dressiest of tops.
If the lady in the picture looks dressed up, keep in mind that when Jane Austen visited Carlton House, she would have surely worn her best, dressiest clothes.
This is Coronado Leather's dressiest line of handbags, featuring full-bodied, vegetable-tanned nappa leather with a slight sheen finish.
In the tiny mill town of Phoenixville, citizens had three options for memorial ceremonies: the county's, the Catholic church's, or the town's, which I visited, where the mayor read a solemn speech in front of the town's two dozen police officers, each in his dressiest uniform.
The dressiest shoe he bought is called the Stingray, a sleek, sexy black shoe with a bumpy sharkskin textured vamp.
Her teammates remember her unique style, the cut-off pyjama bottoms she would wear training; her way, come party time, of metamorphosing into the dressiest and most stylish of the lot of them.
Curiously perhaps, one of the dressiest parts on the pantomime stage these days is the dame.
00am, pounds 10 Guests Spencer Parker Residents Neil Bartley Summary Ministry of Sound man Spencer Parker sprinkles his disco dust over one of the city's dressiest, messiest crowds.
What a change from my own college days, just a little more than 20 years ago, when students would put on their dressiest clothes and carefully hide any counterculture tendencies to prove that they could fit in with the company.
At its dressiest, this could take you to a cocktail party.