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Synonyms for dressy

Synonyms for dressy

requiring elegant clothes and fine manners

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in fancy clothing

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The ever-expanding, ever-developing department store in "The Dream of the Consortium" recalls the hotels built by Martin Dressier, as does the theme park in "Paradise Park.
However, tropical-wool pants and skirts will look dressier while keeping you cooler heavy cotton varieties, like khakis.
4: Be brave and take just two pairs of shoes - A pair of flip flops or thong sandals will do for the day, and something a little dressier for the evening.
If you prefer to cover your upper arms on dressier occasions then peekaboo sleeves like these are perfect.
If you like drama, toss in a little baggie with a red lip gloss and liquid liner for dressier days.
We'd been walking about in our Timberlands and realised we needed something a bit dressier, so we went into our cases and found these.
While the designs are colorful, Soxfords are cut to a dressier fit more acceptable for business professionals.
It''s one of the more dressier pieces, perfect for that red carpet look.
For a dressier look, adorn a black sweatshirt with a glittery necklace of gold, silver, brass, and copper paint.
My collection for Summer 2013 is designed to be comfortable while still bringing a certain elegance and style that suggests something a bit dressier.
It's a bit dressier than my usual clothes, but I'm getting into dressing up more now.
While it is undeniable that some of the 18 names he has chosen to profile -- Mary Pickford, Marie Dressier, Allan Dwan, Mack Sennett, Douglas and Norma Shearer -- amply quality, it's who he omits or just mentions in passing that is puzzling.
Dressier intends to frame the Russians for the nuclear attack on Baltimore, and bribe a Russian air base commander to stage an attack on a U.
Stevens, unlike Covell, doesn't see her clients increasingly heading toward the dressier suit rack, which may speak more to her artistic fashion lines than to overall clothing trends.
Further things which well up in a memory of long ago are those of a movie starring Marie Dressier and Wallace Beery.