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Synonyms for dressy

Synonyms for dressy

requiring elegant clothes and fine manners

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in fancy clothing

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On the other hand, some professors find that Dressier and Garvey are sometimes too willing to characterize the law into a binary opposition: the Model Penal Code (MPC) approach and the "common-law" approach.
Sam added: "It's nice there is a mix of casual and dressier pieces.
11, she made an appearance at the Weinstein Golden Globe afterparty at the Beverly Hilton Hotel wearing the black version of the dress but paired with a dressier strappy pair of black heels.
While a cool blue toned flapper dress was showcased for the casual look, dressier styles included a cut- out pattern iridescent silver dress with a purple skirt, and a black sheath dress with gold architectural chain hangings reminiscent of The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann.
It's hard to miss that lamb is gaining major traction, whether in plates of traditional Mexican dishes, food trucks or among growing ethnic populations where lamb has long been a strong part of their revered food culture," says Elizabeth Dressier, vice president, marketing and business development for New York-based Mountain States Rosen, also a provider of lamb and veal.
If you're a girly-girl or if you prefer a dressier watch, then the jewel-studded/bling type is for you.
Armands is more laid-back casual--shorts and sandals--while clothing on the east coast is much dressier and boutique-driven," Darren explains.
For a dressier look try these Seline block heels, PS22 at linzi.
El director general de BMW Group Mexico, Gerd Dressier, asumio el cargo de presidente de la Camara Mexicano-Alemana de Comercio e Industria, sustituyendo a Claus von Wobeser, cuyo mandato de cuatro anos termino el 2 de mayo pasado.
The first, Marie Dressier UE (1868-1934), an early film actress, was a descendant of Ruliph Ostrom UE and William Marsh UE.
Two species recorded at the present study had not been collected in recent studies in southern Bahia: a single male Euglossa carinilabris Dressier, 1982a was collected at UESC, in Ilheus, close to its type locality; two males Euglossa stellfeldi Moure, 1947 were collected at RSB, representing the northernmost record of this species in the entire Atlantic Forest.
A WHILE trainers are firmly back in fashion, keep one pair for the gym and one for the street, Sports luxe for 2013 is about taking sporty influences and fabrics and wearing it in a dressier way.
As that cast has been together the longest, I'd say we evolve together as each of our characters continue to become more defined," says Dressier.
According to USA Today the outfit Michelle had previously worn the outfit during a Medal of Honor ceremony in Washington and in 2009, without sweater, for a dressier look.