dressed to the nines

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dressed in fancy or formal clothing

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Get the look with contempo-retro fashion magazine cover wallpaper and a clean-lined bed in crisp white fabric, dressed to the nines in monochrome bedding and accessorised with pink scatter cushions.
Aside from Horan who took things up a notch with his Prince Charming outfit, Rochelle also dressed to the nines (Disney nines) in her Jasmine costume opposite her Aladdin-costume wearing hubby, Marvin.
Both pets were dressed to the nines, Rufus in a suit and top hat, and Lady in a wedding dress with diamond collar and a veil.
Dressed to the nines in a tux, Gateshead-born John Wilson, the man to lead us on our cinematic journey, had entered to rapturous applause.
Sure we've seen Miley Cyrus look amazing time after time, dressed to the nines.
Dressed to the nines, this Alabama man in his pinstripes, high collar, and spats.
might best be described as an aggressive knife dressed to the nines.
However, it was also a cool evening and many in the audience felt the chill as they were dressed to the nines.
I was invited to dine in a restaurant so posh - With food so superb (I couldn't call it nosh) There waiting for us, my son and wife, dressed to the nines.
Looking every inch the WAG that she is, Coleen dressed to the nines as she attended the match in high wedged heels, the Daily Mail reported.
We'd see team coaches leaving their hotels, players arriving at the stadium, dressed to the nines.
Which given the nature of the celebrations at Epsom he looked joyous, yet nervous and perhaps a little out of place among the propah gentlemen dressed to the nines in tails and top hats.
My decision was solidified after a trip to Las Vegas where I saw a lot of women dressed to the nines walking barefoot on the 'icky' casino floors,"
This production is all about making the dreams of princesses come true - and with an audience of wide-eyed little girls dressed to the nines in princess costumes, that's exactly what it did
The wider festival calendar might be more concerned with the build up to Glastonbury on Friday but who wants to be wading about in wellies on a muddy farm when you could be dressed to the nines for the week-long series of classical events at the little rural idyll just outside Caerphilly?