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Synonyms for dressed

dressed or clothed especially in fine attire

treated with medications and protective covering

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(of lumber or stone) to trim and smooth


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In a few minutes there entered a lady, and my brother perceived at the first glance that she was even more beautiful and more richly dressed than he had expected.
I dressed his wounds and tended him carefully, and when a month had passed he was as well as ever.
Then saluting the king and the cardinal, the queen resumed her way to the chamber in which she had dressed, and where she was to take off her costume.
So it dresses in black coats and trousers, and black hats, and black boots, and, dear me, it is such a very respectable gentleman--to think it could ever have gone gadding about as a troubadour or a knight-errant, dressed in all those fancy colors
But they were dressed for a photographic studio, not for a river picnic.
Next morning, at Ozma's request, Dorothy dressed herself in a pretty sky-blue gown of rich silk, trimmed with real pearls.
While a maid-fox dressed the little girl's hair--which was a bit tangled--and put some bright, fresh ribbons in it, another maid-fox combed the hair on poor Button-Bright's face and head and brushed it carefully, tying a pink bow to each of his pointed ears.
The party went to the theater, where they saw a play acted by foxes dressed in costumes of brilliantly colored feathers.
She was all dressed and ready to come before she knew I was going to dress the same way.
Molly was charmed with the first opportunity she ever had of showing her beauty to advantage; for though she could very well bear to contemplate herself in the glass, even when dressed in rags; and though she had in that dress conquered the heart of Jones, and perhaps of some others; yet she thought the addition of finery would much improve her charms, and extend her conquests.
Molly, therefore, having dressed herself out in this sack, with a new laced cap, and some other ornaments which Tom had given her, repairs to church with her fan in her hand the very next Sunday.
He was dressed for the part, and all his good angels had not the power to prevent him from acting it.
Stepan Arkadyevitch was already washed and combed and ready to be dressed, when Matvey, stepping deliberately in his creaky boots, came back into the room with the telegram in his hand.
Customers will get plenty of attention if they are dressed up in a SheIn bodycon dress.
com With subtle lace and neon detailing this maxi can be easily dressed up or down with a simple change of accessories Figure fixer: A full skirt is perfect for skimming over thighs and nipping in at the waist Dress, [euro]32, F&F at Tesco; shoes, [euro]54, River Island A printed maxi with a gathered waist is a flattering fail-safe Maxi dress, [euro]37, Vila at Asos.