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a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry


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Perhaps the most eye-catching of the units is Alice Crallan's Fairytale Dress Shop.
Though while there was a pretty scary sighting in Coventry, another fancy dress shop said it hadn't seen an increase in clown paraphernalia being sold.
Benefits of purchasing a costume: If you buy from an online fancy dress shop, you don't have the pain of having to collect the garment and then having to take it back to the shop when you are done.
No one was to blame but two strong young men came to my aid and a lady from a dress shop brought me out a chair while the ambulance arrived.
Today, in downtown Erbil city, both the dress shop and the TV program exist.
Having been established for more than 30 years, owner Jane Egan took her grandfather's dress shop which had been around since the '50s, and placed it firmly in the 21st Century by going global.
It's a Bond theme, with everyone dressing up in great costumes from that mystery, ever-busy soapland fancy dress shop.
I AM researching some family diaries relating to Newcastle and in several have come across reference to a dress shop called Dagmar Masons.
THE cloak worn by Christopher Lee in his first role as Dracula has been discovered in a fancy dress shop.
She then tries on the identities of other mythical characters, such as Echo, Eurydice and Persephone, goes to work in Aphrodite's dress shop, and visits her mother Demeter in an idyllic cottage above the sea.
South Tyneside Council had blocked Coral Estates Ltd from taking over the former dress shop, G K Lee, on the corner of Fowler Street and Smithy Street, wanting to keep the site for retail use.
The brown, hooded cloak worn by Alec Guinness as ObiWan Kenobi in "Star Wars" has been discovered at a London fancy dress shop, 28 years after it disappeared.
A former haute couture dress shop owner from Birmingham celebrated her 102nd birthday yesterday .
Falco will auction hers off as part of the third annual ``Clothes Off Our Back'' Emmy clothing auction, while Mirren bought hers in an East London dress shop that supports the work of Bangladeshi women.
ANGRY brides besieged a wedding dress shop yesterday amid fears it had gone bust.