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a man's white shirt (with a starch front) for evening wear (usually with a tuxedo)

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Aesthetically similar to a dress shirt, it is made from a knit fabric (no wrinkles or sweat stains) and features the same temperature-regulation technology NASA uses in its spacesuits.
True luxury shirt design is in the detail," explained founder Jonathan Mezibov, a Cincinnati attorney turned clothing designer, whose passion for design and desire for a well-fitting, well-appointed dress shirt lead to an entire new career.
The company produces dress shirts which use fabric blend to wick away moisture, do not require dry cleaning and need only machine washing and hand drying without ironing, the company noted in its statement.
com is the premier online destination empowering its clientele to easily browse, create and buy hand tailored custom dress shirts - saving time, money and sanity
As if soaking your dress shirts weren't bad enough already.
And instead of dress shirts, khakis, and skirts, there was black leather, denim, bandanas, and boots.
American troops discovered a briefcase stuffed with the sex aids, bottles of cologne, dress shirts and a silk tie in the northern Iraqi home where Saddam's sons were killed last week.
At the Whitney, Diller + Scofidlo's investigation into domestic codes and gender roles is represented by a group of white dress shirts ironed into origami-like constructions, as well as by household objects, including a bar of soap and his-and-hers towels inscribed with punchy slogans.
Other unallowed expenditures Porter was reimbursed for include Old Spice deodorant, Stayfree tampons, cough syrup, dress shirts, toothpaste, Smiley Night Lights, petroleum jelly, and Hershey candy bars.
The addition of Liberty Art Prints and other floral shirting continues Lewis and Taylor's aspiration to offer the best service to customers for custom dress shirts and lead in innovation in the on-line tailoring industry.
Apparel company PVH Corp (NYSE:PVH) said on Monday that it has entered into a licensing agreement to design, market and distribute Geoffrey Beene LLC's dress shirts through to 2021, with a renewal term until 2028 if certain conditions are met.
Luckily I had a suit at my mom's that I could wear on the plane, but I've had to buy some more dress shirts.
Button-down and dress shirts in an array of subtle (and anything-but) checks, prints and patterns, with ties to match.
Jeans and short sleeve shirts at one company might mean khakis, dress shirts and blazers at another.