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Almost a third of ownermanagers believe their dress down policy has led to an increase in business productivity.
Liz isn't the only star to dress down in jeans for posh premieres and parties.
A poll reveals only 36 per cent of respondents said they wanted to dress down all the time at work.
Since dress-down Friday - an American thing - found its way over to this side of the Atlantic, it has soon become de rigeur to dress down all week long in some companies.
In an interview the youthful 47-year-old has advised Government ministers to dress down for work, and said he was himself trying to dress more casually for the office.
Charlotte Crooks, who works in the marketing team, came up with the idea that staff could dress down, dress up or come in fancy dress and pay at least a pounds 1 for the pleasure of it
BY night she's a glamorous, Oscar-nominated actress but by day Samantha Morton is happy to dress down like the rest of us.
There always seems to be something going on including monthly Dress Down Fridays, cake sales, rugby matches and a train roulette to raise money for charities such as Cancer Research, Myton Hospice and Warwickshire Fire Fighters Families Fund.
Manufacturing and engineering were mostly likely to dress down, with 29%, followed by 27% of the professionals in the survey.
Dress Down Days are one of the ways which we accomplish that.
Yet men in the firm were told they could dress down in hot weather.
Still, it's Dress Down Day at Space Towers tomorrow which, in theory, permits the wearing of absolutely anything in the office.
Not once during those Laker disasters in Sacramento did O'Neal express anger at an official, or dress down a malingering teammate, or do anything to indicate that his competitive fires were burning strongly.
Workers have said "get knotted" to ties as a growing number of firms allow their staff to dress down, research has shown.